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A bit about me

Hi! I'm Alison, a football reporter and presenter.

When I was ten years old I knew I wanted to be a presenter (perhaps you do too?) but my teachers told me it was a terrible idea. 

Fast forward to now and I'm living my dream. I travel all over the world interviewing some of the greatest footballers and managers of our generation. 

I want to share with you how I've been able to do it, despite the many hurdles I faced along the way.

I made so many 'mistakes' (and I'm still making them) but they helped me become a better presenter and reporter. 

20 years experience to help you 

Everyone in this industry has a different pathway. I started off in production for a news channel: CNBC and worked there for six years learning writing, editing, autocue -rolling, the lot!  

My production experience helped me land my dream job. I moved to Spain to set up Real Madrid TV (the best years of my career) before moving back to London to present on Chelsea TV and set up their first ever YouTube channel.

I was not a natural, I had to work at it, and you will too. 

Patience is key, I spent five seasons with the Premier League's Global channel  where I hosted a football phone-in show “Fanzone”, presented daily news shows and worked on Match-day Live as a reporter.

Going global  

Football has such global interest, that I can work all over the world from my home in London.  There are so many avenues open to you these days. 

In 2008 I joined ESPN as their Champions League reporter travelling all over Europe. I learned so much 'on the circuit' from fellow journalists that I want to share with you. 

I hosted two World Cups and European Championships, travelling to ESPNs studios in LA and New York, Russia and France.  I will share some of the key lessons I learned.

Live match hosting and radio 

One of my dream moments was hosting live football on ITV. I presented International friendlies, African Cup of Nations, and their Europa League coverage. I worked closely with all the technical and production staff and want to share some of the key things I learned from working on terrestrial TV. 

If you prefer radio I have plenty of tips. I spent a few years at TalkSPORT on Alan Brazil's Sport's breakfast and co-hosted the breakfast show on TalkSport 2. I am also a frequent guest on BBC5Live and have so many tips to share on how to prep for a good radio interview.

TikTok - 306K and growing by the day 

I love TikTok and regularly post behind the scenes content. I've learned so much on this platform that I can share with you. 

Now I offer a Grow on TikTok course and consultancy. 


My stats:

Total Likes 8.5 M

Zinchenko: 15 M views  646K likes

Grealish: 10.8M views 350K likes

Ronaldo 2.9M views 227K likes

I've seen it all! 

There is very little I haven't done in this industry. I've worked all over and have a huge book of contacts. I want to show you how you can too, if you are willing to be patient and work hard.

Take the first step today by grabbing a copy of my free guide to getting started. If you're serious about a career in the football industry, you not only have to learn from someone with experience, but you have to take action too.

So what are you waiting for....? If not now, then when? 

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